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Whatever the reason, it is important that the fundraising is carried out in a professional manner to protect the existing shareholders and stakeholders.  Coombes Corporate Finance has the expertise and experience to lead your fundraising activities.

the right finance at the right time

Coombes Corporate Finance will help guide you throughout the whole fundraising process, from identifying the most appropriate forms of finance, through to the final negotiations.  

Funding in 1, 2, 3 easy steps

1. Developing & Documenting Your Business Plan

I will assist you in preparing a detailed and robust Business Plan & Financial Projections that will address all the queries of any stakeholder and in particular an investor, be it a debt or equity investor. Both your business plan and financial projections will provide the underlying documentation for developing and implementing your funding strategy.

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2. Developing & Documenting Your Funding Strategy

Based on the Business Plan and Financial Projections, CCF will work with you to develop your funding strategy. This will look at the overall business plan and the individual projects/developments to identify the ideal finance structure for the business.  This will also take into account the funding requirement, the nature of this requirement (i.e. is it capital expenditure or working capital, etc) and the timing of the requirement.  The underlying principal is to protect the promoters’ equity while not stifling the company’s growth potential or putting it under unacceptable financial strain.  

This funding may include:

  • Debt Finance – be it senior debt, leasing, mezzanine finance, etc primarily from Banking Institutions
  • Quasi Equity finance in the form of Preference Shares or high yield Loan Notes – this can be private investors as well at Financial Institutions
  • Equity – which can be sourced from Private Individuals, Venture Capitalists or Corporate Investors
  • Look to Joint Venture partners for any development.
  • Grants that may be available

3. Implementing Your Financing Strategy

Once the funding or financing strategy has been agreed, CCF will use its contacts and business associates to assist you in raising the funds.  This will include:

  • Introducing you to different sources of finance, be it banks, Venture Capitalists, private investors or Corporate Investors.  Through CCF’s experience, it has access and contacts to various sources of finance in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe.
  • Negotiating the terms of interest parties to ensure that you get the best deal available
  • Managing the process to ensure a successful completion.  This will include managing your other advisors in the transaction such as legal and tax advisors.
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