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Growth Through Acquisition

Growth by acquisition has been, and will continue to be, an attractive option for ambitious businesses. However, the rewards must be balanced against the potential risks. Coombes Corporate Finance provides practical transaction management expertise throughout the process.

Strategic Review & Target Identification

I will manage your acquisition from initial targeting through to successful completion and post acquisition integration. I will work closely with your team to identify areas and companies with growth potential to your existing businesses.

Key tasks in such a process are as follows:

  • Identify Potential Targets – Based on the acquisition criteria, CCF will identify a range of potential targets and discuss these with you.  A shortlist can then be prepared.

  • Approach the target company(s) – CCF will then make the initial approach to the identified target list. The objective is to secure initial interest and a meeting between senior personnel in both Eirdata and the Potential Target.

  • Preparation of Indicative Offer – once the vendor has expressed an interest, CCF will work with the Potential Target to obtain some brief initial information that will allow us to prepare a brief information document (“IM”) on the Potential Target.  This IM can be used in the preparation on an indicative offer.

  • Heads of Terms – CCF will lead the negotiations between the you and the target until such time as terms are agreed.  CCF will then prepare a Heads Of Agreement (“HOA”) that will be signed by both parties.  These HOA will set out in more detail the general terms that will ultimately form the Share Purchase Agreement. They will not be binding with the exception to confidentiality and a period of exclusivity.  They will also be subject to legal and financial due diligence.
  • Due Diligence – CCF will carry out the financial due diligence on your behalf and manage the other due diligence processes that may be required, e.g. legal due diligence, tax due diligence, environmental due diligence, etc.

  • Manage the Acquisition Process – CCF would manage the acquisition process on your behalf ensuring a efficient and professional process.  

    This may include:
  • Negotiate the Share Purchase Agreement (“SPA”)

  • Act as a buffer limiting the direct contact between top management and the Target thus protecting top management from pressure to respond without proper consideration

  • Negotiate consultancy agreements with key management where appropriate

  • Liaise with the Target solicitors to consider any legal issues relevant to the preliminary negotiation phase

  • An acquisition process is a very sensitive process that needs to be handled in a professional manner.  I will ensure this is delivered. During the acquisition process, you may require assistance in raising finance to complete the transaction and I can lead this Fundraising requirement.

    Most companies that have completed acquisitions have learned, the real hard work commences once the acquisition is completed in the smooth integration of both organisations.  With the hands on experience during the acquisition process, I will greatly assist you in this post acquisition integration.
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