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Thinking of selling your business?
I can help.

After a thorough business review and detailed target market research, together we will address all concerns and strengths ensuring you secure the best offer for your business.

complimentary review

A complete business exit

in 3 easy steps
Step 1


Complete review of the business to identify any areas that a buyer may be concerned about. Prepare an information document highlighting the core strengths of the business.

Step 2

Identifying the
Preferred Buyer

Research potential domestic and foreign buyers and establish a contact list. Contact potential buyers and, under confidentiality agreement, provide them with the information document. Secure indicative offers for the business and identify the preferred buyer. 

Step 3

Completing the Transaction

The Preferred Buyer will undertake their due diligence on the business. I will manage this sensitive process. Completion includes detailed drafting and negotiations of legal documents between solicitors. I will manage this sensitive process to a successful completion.

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