What Covid-19 business support can I avail of?
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Do you know about the Covid-19 support schemes for your business?

As we are all working towards reducing the health impact of Covid-19 by complying with the lockdown, businesses are starting to look into the future and attempt to forecast the possible economic impact of this crisis on their business.  

Various business support schemes have been launched over the last few week. 

Enterprise Ireland launched the Sustaining Enterprise Fund
(see https://globalambition.ie/supports/innovation-support/sustaining-enterprise-fund/ ) that offers a repayable advance of up to €800,000.  This is repayable within 5 years with up to a 3-year grace period.

This advance incurs an annual administration fee of 4%. This fund has some strict guidelines and requires the applicant to submit a detailed Business Sustainment Plan. This will require a detailed business plan (including financial projection) that addresses the various elements of the guidelines.  

I can assist you with the business plan, financial projection, the Business Sustainment Plan and the Enterprise Ireland application. This exercise will help you plan for the future as well getting access to much needed funding.  

Furthermore, you can avail of Enterprise Ireland supports to assist you in funding my consultancy costs.  


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